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Live Life Travel is a luxury boutique travel agency where every trip is curated uniquely for each individual client. Celebration Travel is central to what we do and includes dream honeymoons, milestone anniversaries and group birthday celebrations. We believe that experiences that create shared memories are the greatest gift of all. We value our relationships with our clients and the trust that they put in us to make every trip exceptional and flawless. We have a passion for travel, and we really believe that it is a gift that should be shared. We look forward to working with you.

Live Life Travel is your travel partner for life. From Dream Honeymoons to Anniversaries and Milestone Life Events, Live Life Travel is:

Celebration Travel is on the rise. More people than ever (and we could not agree more) are looking to invest in experiences with their friends and families to celebrate life’s special occasions and big moments. Planning a destination getaway for everyone will create lifelong memories that are invaluable and irreplaceable.

Honeymoons are, of course, one of life’s most important moments. It is not only your first vacation as a “family,” but it is also your time to relax after planning a wedding. Your honeymoon is most likely your first significant travel experience, your first 2-week vacation, and you are celebrating big time!!!  We LOVE honeymoons!

Family Travel is a favorite as Anne has been traveling the world with her son since he was 2-years old. Their first trip together was to Beaches Turks and Caicos, which they went to annually until she became a travel agent. They have been to all 3 Beaches resorts and look forward to visiting the 4th when it opens. Together they have been to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Anguilla, the Bahamas, and more. She loves planning family travel and believes that kids learn more from traveling than they can from almost anything else. Seeing the Great Wall of China together was probably one of their favorite moments together, and they both agree that it should be re-named the “Great Steps of China.”  Their favorite part was the trip down, as you ride an “Alpine Slide” type of coaster!

Wellness Travel. We have partnerships with top wellness resorts around the world that specialize in unique wellness programs. All wellness travel and resort bookings are custom, so let’s connect to make a recommendation based on your desires and requirements.

Live Life Travel’s mission is to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest and in the moment. The name “Live Life Travel” was created to inspire: “Don’t put things off until tomorrow that you can do today because tomorrow is not promised.”  Take that trip and make memories now. Use all your paid vacation time every year. Live in the moment, put your devices down when you get home, and spend time with your kids and spouse.

Nothing has put our company name to the test more than the year 2020.

About Anne Gordon

Her work ethic comes from her grandfather, who always held down at least multiple jobs while raising his young family after serving in the Navy during WWII. Her Nana and Pop raised Anne in Clifton Park, New York. After spending 20 years in marketing in Manhattan, she returned home in 2015 to be by her Nana’s side after Pop passed. It was then that Anne decided to start her own travel company. I would say that her resilience and perseverance may come from Nana.

She is a single Mom to a brilliant, creative, and well-traveled young man named Gus, named after Pop. They were 80 years apart and got to spend seven beautiful years together. Anne loves her company; her clients and travel is her absolute passion. She is 100% her clients’ advocates and is always doing what is best for them, no matter what. Her extensive travel experience, combined with her valuable relationships and passion, will always make her a top choice for any luxury traveler.

Anne Gordon, Founder, President
Travel mantra: Live Life Travel
Favorite city? Manhattan
Favorite band/artist: Mumford and Sons
First concert: Billy Joel
Top 5 Travel Experiences: Hawaii, Thailand, Italy/Sicily, Argentina (Iguazu Falls), Africa (Victoria Falls)

Anne’s “Life List” – Champagne, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bali, Singapore, Similan Islands, Langkawi, Corleone, Sardinia, Germany, Ireland, Machu Picchu Kenya, Maldives

Fun Facts about Anne

  • Saturday Night Live Intern in the Talent Department working with Marci Klein
  • Music is a big passion, second to travel – Check out Anne’s “Mix Tape” on Spotify
  • “Million Miler” with American Airlines
  • Sassy Magazine Sweet 16 Winner
  • Worked remotely in Hawaii for most of 2021

You can’t plan life. But you can always make the best of it and appreciate what and who you have while you have it. And hope they do the same for and with you—Live Life. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe. Be Kind. Be Generous. Pay it forward. What comes around goes around, and travel when and while you can.

Meet Anne Gordon
Owner, Live Life Travel. LLC

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