Brianna and Scott Ferris – Honeymoon – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Trips Planned:
Honeymoon and 1st Anniversary - Unico 20° 87° Riviera Maya, Mexico

Types of Travel:
Special Occasion, Beach, All-Inclusive

“Everyone seems to know the chaos of planning a wedding, but the honeymoon planning should be fun, RIGHT? Well, for us it seemed completely OVERWHELMING, especially while planning an entire wedding at the same time. Even just trying to figure out where we wanted to go was driving us insane. We needed help.

One evening, we got an email from Anne at Live Life Travel and the rest is history. It was not soon later when she said to us “I FOUND IT! IT’S THE PERFECT PLACE FOR YOU GUYS! LET’S DO IT.” So, we did and spent 10 blissful nights (our dream honeymoon) at Unico Riviera Maya which was absolutely amazing. The pools and beach were great, the service was top notch and this foodie was loving EVERYTHING she ate!

Unfortunately, we did get stuck on the runway on our way down to Mexico for almost 2 hours, but we texted Anne and she was instrumental in getting us there that day! She was like a little magical fairy moving around our seats behind the scenes. You hope nothing goes wrong, but when it does- you need someone like Anne doing the hard work for you while you have a drink in your hand! We already booked with Anne again for our 1st Anniversary and we will be returning to Unico again because we loved it that much. We can’t wait.”

Brianna and Scott Ferris