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Multi-Generational travel has become super popular and there are so many amazing things for this type of vacation… river, ocean and yacht cruises, all-inclusive resorts, land tours in Europe, etc..!

Considering that most families are bound by the school calendar, our #1 tip for making the family vacation happen (and being able to afford it!) is to plan ahead. It doesn’t matter where you go, it matters that you are all together and grateful to be together. Tips for planning your next family vacation:

• Have a family meeting and make a list of where every one wants to go. Bring a map and make a list… Grand Canyon, Rome, Turks, Disney?

• Make a list of “must haves” for your vacation (beach, view, all-inclusive, budget friendly, kids club, babysitting, length of flights, great beach, etc.)

• Come up with a realistic budget (can be a range and should also include flights.)

• Research online but seek out a professional travel advisor to save you hours of frustration on the web (too many choices and confusion and they cannot upgrade you, protect you or VIP you.)

• Make a list of places that you all would like to see in the next 10 plus years – Set goals – Have fun with it as a family!!!

• Always have the kids keep a journal when they travel.

• Never buy a plane ticket that has more than one stop out of ALB, not worth it and we have too many options for anyone to ever have to do that.

• Consider flying out of Montreal or Stewart, they have competitive prices and direct flights; If flying out of NYC, there is a daily shuttle.

• Even if you know where you are going to stay, please consider booking your hotel, tour or cruise through your local travel advisor, they will be able to get you VIP status, perks, resort/tour credits, upgrades and other amenities that you would not be able to get on your own and you’ll be supporting a local business.

• Beaches Turks and Jamaica – This is such a great All-Inclusive experience for both adults and kids; we recommend that you book in advance (2 years preferred for school breaks)

• NYC Cruises – NYC finally has some SUPER cool cruise ships there – We have daily shuttles that will take you straight to the ports and can hook you up with some cool amenities. We will have groups going out starting next summer!

• Tauck Family Bridges – Fantastic tour company if you are looking to do something either out West (Grand Canyon) or in Europe (maybe Italy?)

• Karisma Resorts – Nickelodeon characters – resorts in Mexico and Punta Cana – Slime and all!! Many options and VIP amenities.

Click here to view a PDF of the  Saratoga Family Multigenerational Travel article.



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