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We recently had the pleasure of planning such a trip for local resident, Erin McCarthy-Dates and her mother Joan. This past November, they traveled to Italy together!

Here’s what they had to say about their trip…

Anne: Was it hard deciding where in Italy to go and what to do?

Erin: No, you planned everything (laughing)!

I joked that we could do whatever Mother wanted, but of course you set up separate phone calls with each of us to make sure you knew what both of us wanted and took both of our preferences into account.

I would have never had the time or energy to do any of it, which is why we wanted to work with an Italy specialist.

A: What was your favorite part of the trip?

E: I loved the day excursion to Siena in Tuscany from Florence. It was the quintessential Italian location for me, and the food tour was amazing. The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica were also fascinating and especially meaningful for my mother.

A: How do you think this trip affected your relationship with your mother?

E: This trip was a great bonding experience! It was nice to have time just the two of us, without the usual chaos that the rest of the family or a group can bring. I was struck by how many friends, family and even acquaintances mentioned how cool it was that we were doing this. Many people spoke about missing their own mom, and wishing they had 2 weeks back with her. Others said they realize we won’t have our loved ones with us forever, and how it’s important to appreciate them while we still have them here. It helped realize what a gift it was to have this opportunity together.

A: What were the greatest challenges during your time together?

E: Being away from my 2 kids and husband (and work) for 2 weeks created anxiety before I left, but it all worked out. ATTENTION ALL WOMEN: As it turns out, we can take vacations and the world (our jobs, our families) doesn’t stop without us. It’s a very important thing for all women to do.

A: Travel tips for other Mother/Daughter Travel Duos?

E: Having private tours with a guide were invaluable. We were able to learn so much more about a place and its history than we would have been able to do on our own. Consider going in the “low season.” It is less expensive, less crowded and you miss the heat of summer. Most importantly, leave the planning to a professional, I could have NEVER planned a trip like this as well.

A: What was it like being there during the flooding in Venice?

E: It was actually their “aqua alta,” so they expect flooding twice per day during November, and then the levels recede to normal. Obviously, this was much more than usual, and I don’t want to minimize the damage that citizens, businesses, and historic sites experienced, however, I was struck by how the Venetians really just got on with it. They all have rubber wading boots, and all of us tourists bought disposable galosha-style boots to fit right over our own shoes. Saint Mark’s square was like a big swimming pool at times, and we can say we were there for it!

A: Are you planning to travel again with your mother, just the two of you?

E: I could see us going somewhere domestically for a shorter duration and possibly including my daughter for a women’s family retreat of sorts. Ooh, I might be on to something there!

A: Has it inspired you to travel more with your own daughter and family in general and if so, what’s up next for Erin?

E: We have already started thinking about a family trip with the kids to the UK in 2021 and a couples only trip with my husband to Iceland, so yes, I’m definitely looking forward to a lot more travel and very excited about it.

Live Life Travel in Saratoga Family Magazine Spring 2020
Live Life Travel Mother Daughter Travel



Live Life Travel Mother Daughter Travel

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