Ballsfest and Live Life Travel partner

Ballsfest and Live Life Travel Partner

Making Family Vacations a Priority for Those Who Need it the Most!

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Live Life Travel and Ballsfest PartnershipFrom the moment a parent hears the words “Your child has cancer,” their lives are forever changed.   Life as they knew it quickly turns into a world of unknowns, worry, and fear, and strikes a stifling blow as the saying “Life can change in an instant” becomes a reality.   A cancer diagnosis takes a tremendous toll on a family, emotionally, socially, physically, and financially.  This is where the nonprofit Ballsfest comes into play.  With their mission to lift the spirits of children, teens, and families battling childhood cancer, they strive to provide unique gifts and experiences, as well as year-round programs and services to help ease the stress and strain felt by families.

Recognizing the importance of remaining positive, enjoying the moment, and creating memories, Ballsfest has provided families with unique travel experiences to do just that.   We have found a partner who genuinely shares all of these same motivations with a mission that is stated clearly within the company’s name, one that she lives by herself and encourages others to as well, Live Life Travel.  While already focusing on family travel locally in Saratoga Springs, NY, the partnership was a perfect fit.

Anne Gordon, owner of Live Life Travel, LLC stated that “It is my belief that all families should prioritize time together, live life to the fullest, and spend as much time as possible creating family memories (while also unplugging).  Having the chance to see the pictures of Evan and his family and how happy they were, (Evan’s Universal trip in January 2019 was the partnerships first collaboration together) is exactly why I love my job so much.  Seeing Evan’s smile on a trip that I had the privilege of planning was just an incredible feeling of joy and I am really looking forward to creating more of that joy as our partnership moves forward with Ballsfest.”

With the rigorous treatment schedules these families juggle, along with the financial implications of treatment related costs, travel typically falls to the wayside.   The financial resources are not available for travel, while the importance of vacations and memory making remain so critical.    Through this newly developed partnership, Live Life Travel will be the exclusive travel partner for all Baller trips.  Live Life Travel shares in the belief that family vacations can truly help lift the spirits of the children and families living with a diagnosis.  “We are committed to creating customized travel experiences for all of our Baller families.  We have also pledged to make a financial donation to Ballsfest for every family that travels with us.  In addition, we will create a page/button on our website where our clients can also make contributions.  We feel that this is just the beginning of what will be a very meaningful partnership,” shared Anne.

Angie Silipigno, Executive Director of Ballsfest NY, shared, “Having been in the field of childhood cancer for a long time, I know that it takes more than medicine to heal these children.  While working to cure the disease, it is so important to heal the heart and spirit as well.  Partnering with Live Life Travel to create once-in-a-lifetimes experiences for our Ballers immediately felt like the perfect fit.   Having the confidence in Anne’s heart and passion to put together special travel packages for each family means the world to us.  It is our mission to really bring joy, hope, laughter, and everlasting moments to these amazing children and their families during an extremely difficult time.”   After a Baller is presented with their personalized trip idea, this partnership will go into full effect to develop a perfectly laid plan to build on the patient’s interests and deliver an unforgettable experience.

BALLSFEST is a registered nonprofit organization that lifts the spirits of young children, teens, and families affected by cancer.  The term “Ballsfest” was created as a play on words by testicular cancer survivor, Frank DeBlasi, to reflect his positive spirit and outlook throughout his own battle.  With his passion for children, Frank has focused on helping those battling remains positive and hopeful.  BALLSFEST provides personalized gifts and experiences to Ballers at an annual signature event, as well as year-round programming and support to patients and families.

Live Life Travel is your local Virtuoso travel advisor specializing in custom global experiences. From family vacations, multi-gen travel, honeymoons, special occasion, groups and luxury/family cruise, we have unparalleled access around the world.  We offer personalized experiences, customized to make everyone’s trip extraordinary.   By booking with a local trusted travel advisor, you will also always have peace of mind, which is the ultimate luxury.  Live Life Travel was founded in 2015 by Anne Gordon who encourages everyone to live life to the fullest and appreciate every day.  Anne also promotes taking all of your paid vacation time and to please travel with your children.   #livelifetravelnow   www.livelifetravel.world



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