50th Anniversary trip to Bermuda planned and enhanced by Live Life Travel Saratoga Springs NY.

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50 years ago...


Live Life Travel and 50 year Anniversary trip


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A honeymoon 50 years ago. An anniversary trip to Bermuda planned and enhanced by Live Life Travel Saratoga Springs NY.Ed and Chris Galka met in 10th grade homeroom. Being seated alphabetically, he sat behind her. In 1962 they went their separate ways for college, the service and other life lessons. After reuniting on October 4, 1968, they became engaged on Thanksgiving of that year. And married the following Spring… April 26, 1969.

Now – 50 years later – they revisited their honeymoon destination for their 50th Anniversary!

Travel Agent Anne Gordon asks them about their trip…

Q. So, what was your first impression being back on Bermuda’s Elbow Beach, for the first time in 50 years?
A. The Hotel (same as the honeymoon) has an updated entrance and more cottages. There are now restaurants, all along the beach, with breathtaking beach views!!!

Enjoying a dream return trip on their 50th Anniversary, a trip enhanced and planned by LLT.Q. What was the biggest surprise?
A. Being greeted by Randy and his team – midday on Easter Sunday – with an enthusiastic welcome and a pitcher of Rum Swizzles! (A favorite drink from 50 years ago!!) There was even a Welcome Poster at the front desk -with pictures from our wedding and honeymoon! And then when they brought us to our luxurious and spacious beachfront suite (an upgrade thanks to Anne!), we were surprised to find they had even more wedding and honeymoon pictures framed and displayed throughout the suite. The amenities were amazing – from the photos to the Prosecco (on ice!) to the Happy Anniversary cake, it made us feel like royalty from the very start of our stay.

Q. Has Elbow Beach changed over the past 50 years?
A. The island looked the same, but the traffic is definitely worse, and the city of Hamilton is much more developed. One thing that has not changed over the years is that the people of Bermuda are just as friendly, kind and hospitable as they were 50 years ago!

Q. Were the Rum Swizzles as good as you remember?
A. Yes, however the volume consumed was much less this time!

Q. What was your highlight of the trip?
A. Celebrating the occasion with our family and close friends in such a beautiful resort was fantastic. From the amazing welcome and hospitality we felt from the entire staff at Elbow Beach during our stay, to the incredible dinner celebration at the Blu Bar and Grill on the evening of our 50th Anniversary and last night on the island, we had the trip of a lifetime!

A dream trip come come... Live Life Travel Saratoga, Springs NYQ. Who went on this dream trip with you?
A. Our daughter Jeanne, her husband Dino, and our granddaughter Lora planned the trip (with Anne’s help) and traveled with us to Bermuda for the occasion. We were also fortunate to have our dear friends Rich and Jill Mack join us for the week. Our friendship goes back to 1969 when they were our neighbors in Parkwood Village and we became very close friends. After they moved to Wilmington, NC in the late 1970s we stayed in touch and would vacation together, at first with all our children and then just the four of us. We planned a cruise to Bermuda together for a joint 40th Anniversary celebration but had to cancel last minute due to family illness, so when they heard we were traveling to Bermuda in April they asked if they could join us. It was an amazing week reminiscing, laughing and making new memories.

Q. Any unexpected surprises?
A. Absolutely! The incredible suite with the gorgeous view, the welcome reception and notes from the Elbow Beach staff, the gifts sent by friends to the resort, anniversary cakes brought to us on our first night and again at Blu!

Q. Would you recommend this destination for others?
A. Yes! We could have spent the entire week on property at Elbow Beach and felt fulfilled. Every day started with a delicious breakfast with a beautiful view served by an incredible wait staff. Mickey’s restaurant, which is right on the beach was our favorite spot for lunch and dinner and the atmosphere at night under the stars is very romantic. Where we were located, we could easily walk to the Lido complex which is where you find all the restaurants. The beach is gorgeous, and the water is an amazing aqua blue and crystal clear. Randy (Wilcott, Vice President of Sales and Marketing) made us feel so welcome. He met with us on several occasions, called to see how we were enjoying our stay and I’m guessing he made sure we were treated extra special at the “Blu Bar & Grill” where we had dinner on our actual Anniversary. They seated us at the best table overlooking the water!

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