SARATOGA FAMILY, The Ultimate Holiday Gift for Your Family: A VACATION!!

SARATOGA FAMILY, The Ultimate Holiday Gift for Your Family: A VACATION!!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift for Your Family: A VACATION!!

It may be cliché, but also very true, the best gift that you can give your family (especially your children) is the gift of time. And what better way than traveling the world as a family.



1) PLAN AHEAD – It’s never too early to start planning 

Tip: Airfare goes on sale 11 months in advance; We like the Hopper APP to track airfare prices 

2) DON’T WAIT – Start them young; they grow up way too fast 

3) ENGAGE – Let them be part of the decision; Inclusive family decisions always make every trip much more successful. 

4) EDUCATE – Don’t tell the kids, but traveling the world is a totally super fun way to learn all of that “stuff” that they teach you in school. 

Tip: The SSCD kids learn about Ancient Rome, Greece, China, India and Egypt in the 6th Grade, we recommend taking them to these magnificent destinations after the 6th Grade. 


BEACHES TURKS AND CAICOS – To us, this is comparable to what Disney World is to the rest of American children (but way better!); Contact us to receive your $250 spa credit 

Tip: We recommend booking 1-2 years in advance for this property (for high season weeks); there are 2 other Beaches located in Jamaica (Negril and Ocho Rios); we love them all

ITALY – Ancient Rome is really something spectacular, especially after learning about it in 6th grade, we think that Italy is a trip that the entire family can enjoy; We also highly suggest heading down to Sicily, a hidden gem 

AFRICAN SAFARI – A must for every family; truly a once in a lifetime experience. We recommend the Cape Town – Sabi Sands – Victoria Falls combo if you want to do it right. 

HAWAII – A favorite destination for families over the Holiday Break and for good reason! We love the Grand Wailea in Maui and The Four Seasons Hualalai on The Big Island. Experience two very different landscapes as to what Hawaii has to offer 

ALASKA – Experience nature up close and personal with Lindblad Expeditions on the National Geographic expedition ships that have custom programs just for kids 

FOUR SEASONS RESORTS – In general, you just cannot go wrong, and we love them. Our top family choices are Nevis, Costa Rica, Anguilla, Chiang Mai and Langkawi.


ME to WE – A new travel partner to our Virtuoso family, this company is one of our very favorites. We would encourage you all to please check out their video on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you want to make a difference in the world, if you want to make an impact with your children, if you want to create lifelong memories and a feeling that will never fade away, then ME to WE is what you are looking for. Travel itineraries currently include Ecuador, Kenya and India. Contact us to learn more!

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52% of Americans do not take all their PAID vacation time.

Please do not become or stay part of this statistic— Vacations are healthy, not only for you physically and mentally, but emotionally for your family, especially for kids. Life is short, make the most of it!